Recruitment billed by the Hour.

Only pay for what you need.

Do you prefer to manage your own recruitment but just need some help now and then to speed things up. Is your internal hiring team under pressure and needs some quick help to get things done? We can help. And without the big recruitment fees!

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Pay as you go

Efficiency, transparency and seamless process.

Our supple,”Pay as you go” hourly-rate option means you can get the help you need with any part of the hiring process — as much or as little as you need. You decide. You’ll only pay for the hours worked on your recruitment project, saving up to 75% of the normal recruitment fee. And we do all this using our online shared workspace so you can manage projects with ease and full transparency. Efficiency, transparency and seamless process is what we’re really good at.

Support for any part of your hiring process

Our recruiters can help you with any part of the hiring process based on your needs. Placing a job ad, shaping a position description, sourcing passive candidates or applying selection criteria to your Inbox full of applications — whatever you need the most we can help. And you pay only for the hours worked on your project. Regardless of the role — an entry level position or a key executive appointment — while interviews may vary in length, the process to get there is the same.

Ideal for tasks like…

  • Placing a job ad

  • Shaping a position description

  • Sourcing passive candidates

  • Applying selection criteria to applications

Backup support for your internal hiring team

We’re well known for providing backup support to clients who have their own recruitment teams. Internal recruiters are well placed to manage the front end of recruitment themselves but may need some help managing applications and efficiently applying selection criteria to weed out the dross. We can quickly provide a long short-list of selected candidates so your internal recruiters can move faster. By outsourcing some parts of the process you’ll help your internal team be able to focus on what they do best — engaging and onboarding new employees for your business.

Ideal when you need…

  • Backup support to the internal recruitment team

  • Outsource some parts of the process

  • Speed up your recruiting funnel

  • Feed a long short-list to your recruiters

Read about Traditional Recruitment Support.

Two excellent traditional recruitment support models, both offering a guarantee. You will always get the same quality and transparency of the process.

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