Our values

The human factor

Bringing the human factor back to recruitment.

Our clients often say that we’ve brought the ‘human factor’ back to recruitment. Our candidates remain loyal to us after their placement and often engage us to recruit for their own teams.

Human connection, transparency and integrity are the solid foundations of our recruitment business.

Human connection

We believe that authentic human interaction is the key to both successful recruitment outcomes and any long-term business partnership. We invest the time upfront to understand your business, your personality and your goals, so we can get things right for you. We’ll pick up the phone, meet you in person, clarify all the details to really know you and your needs. We do the same for our candidates.


Your peace of mind is our key priority. We designed our unique online platform to give you full transparency over your recruitment project at any time. In your personal project workspace, you’ll see in one place the resumes we’re reviewing, the interviews we’ve conducted, your recruiter’s comments, where the process is up to - everything you need to feel you are in control. And every time there’s any activity, you’ll get a notification and invitation to provide feedback. And you can add team members so that all of you can meaningfully participate in the process. Another way we make sure the right person can join your team faster.


For us, the integrity of the recruitment process is as important as a successful placement. Success is about more than money. We ensure you and your candidates are on the same page throughout the process, so both parties can make well-informed timely decisions that will benefit both (and only then us). If you want a unicorn and we’re 100% sure they don’t exist (but sometimes we find one!), we’ll tell you, then help you manage your expectations and help you refine the brief. And we’ll never dress up a duck to look like a unicorn! The right person in the right job is our promise to you.

Vision of the CEO.

What we think the good business is all about.