What makes us different

It is not what we do, it is how we do it!

Recruitment frustrations

Say goodbye to misunderstanding, miscommunication and lack of transparency.

The most common complaints clients and candidates have about recruiters are pretty widely known. Yet, nothing seems to change. Well, now it has.

Mismatched candidates

Candidates don’t match the brief you gave the recruiter. At Just Right People we continually check in on you to make sure the candidates we’re presenting are hitting the mark. Frustration gone.

You have to chase the recruiter

You don’t get regular updates from the recruiter — you have to chase them. We don’t keep our clients hanging like that. Our online collaborative tool gives you updates in real time. Frustration gone.

Ill-informed candidates

Candidates turn up for interview and have a different idea about what the job is, resulting in both client and candidate wasting their time. Our rigorous processes and commitment to transparency make sure no candidate goes to an interview not being sure what the job is. Frustration gone.

Vague candidate evaluations

You don’t know if a candidate has been properly screened or reference checked — you just have to take the recruiter’s word for it. At Just Right People, you can see what we’re doing. All our interview notes, reference checks and candidate documents are uploaded into the online workspace so you can see for yourself. Frustration gone.

Black box recruitment process

You don’t know if you’re being sent the most suitable candidates or just the ones the recruiter likes. That doesn’t happen with us. We work to your brief so you’ll only get the most suitable candidates. Oh, and have we mentioned our online tool that lets you see what we’re doing? Frustration gone.

At last... Recruitment your way!

We offer a better way to run your next recruitment project.

Here’s how Just Right People will make sure you don’t feel that pain and frustration. Our proven recruitment process, workflow and technology are designed and built with you at the top of our minds — recruitment your way.


Frequently asked questions.

Covering the most common questions you might have about our recruitment process.

Do you specialise in one particular industry?

Rather than focus our entire firm on one industry, we employ recruiters with experience in specific fields. That way we can truly partner with a client — understand your culture, your business model, your unique needs and work together to help you get to where you want to go. You may have more than one recruiter in our team dedicated to your business success.

Can we change the brief midway through the recruitment phase?

Yes, of course. You are always in the driver’s seat. We‘re there to work with you to get the right person in the right job.

Do you actually interview every candidate?

Yes, we do. We would never send a candidate to you that has not been thoroughly assessed. We do in-depth phone and face to face interviews, depending on your needs and then send you a comprehensive report on each candidate.

What sort of skills testing do you do?

Under our exclusive arrangement with a leading provider of hiring-related tests, we provide a full range of skills tests, tailored to your job. Whether we’re recruiting an Accountant or a Full Stack Developer, we can test their skill level with confidence.

How do I know the person I hire will be the best cultural fit for my business?

You can never be 100% sure of anything (other than death and taxes). But we give you a much higher level of comfort than others. Apart from our wealth of experience interviewing and reference checking candidates and our skills testing tools, we offer a unique JobFit assessment to test for integrity, work ethic, problem-solving, team and communication skills. With a reliability rating of .82, it is one of the best tools in our recruiter toolkit.

Do you do reference checks?

Yes, absolutely. Interviews on their own are not enough to be confident of a person’s past performance. Our reference checking process is one of the best around and you are provided with a full written report on every check. Reference checking is not just about how many sick days someone had. It’s about how they performed in their role, the specifics of the job they did and the quality of both their reporting and peer relationships.

Can we do our own reference checks?

Yes, of course! Sometimes that’s exactly what you need to get the level of comfort you want. And our experienced Consultants will guide you through the legislation around reference checking, just to be sure you don’t get into any sticky situations! It’s all part of our commitment to you.

What does “we’ll help you with the job description” mean?

Understanding exactly what you need the new hire to be doing is critical to getting the recruitment right. So, we‘ll work through the job description you have, or help you build the one you need. And this will include KPIs so you can better manage their performance once they‘re on the team. From there, we’ll build the selection criteria to make sure every candidate is assessed thoroughly and equally.

Do I need to be an IT guru to use your online collaboration tool?

Not at all. It’s as simple as logging in using your email address and a password of your choosing. Too easy!

Why do I need a password to use the online collaboration tool?

We take the security of our candidate’s information very seriously, so it’s important that only you and us can see sensitive information. Also, you may want to protect salary discussions from being visible to others in your organisation.

Can another person in my team have access to candidate information?

Yes, if you approve them to do so. You can then easily add them to the online project. As long as they understand that the privacy laws will apply to them and how they use the information.

Is the online collaboration tool something I have to pay extra for?

No, it’s absolutely free! All part of the service.

Fair and flexible pricing means you can get on with business.

Fair pricing keeps everyone happy and is one of the cornerstones of successful business relationships.

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“The shared online workspace you get with Just Right People is truly unique. You can see what your recruiter is doing and when they are doing it, you can view candidate applications and documents as they are loaded into the project, you can communicate with your recruiter in real time. You can easily add people to the hiring team, you can see where the project costs are up to and make appropriate decisions at any time, based on real time information.”

George Ribar
George Ribar
Chief Customer Officer and Head of People & Culture
Down Under Enterprises

“We love Just Right’s recruitment project management tool — transparent, easy to use and great for collaboration. This is particularly important for our team, who are rarely in the same place at the same time!”

Phillip Prather
Phillip Prather
Head of Marketing and Operations
Down Under Enterprises