Collaborate online
with full transparency.

Confidential, seamless, transparent and super-efficient collaboration between you and your recruiter every step of the way.

Hire with certainty

Enjoy full transparency and control.

Our unique online project management platform is designed to give you super powers of collaboration on your hiring project. You get to see stuff you weren‘t welcomed to see with the traditional recruitment approach.

Your recruiter manages the workflow so nothing gets lost and you don’t have to get involved in time-consuming verifications, screening interviews and so on. But you get to see the outcomes. Transparent. Collaborative. Efficient. Recruitment your way.

What you get is what you see

You have access to all shortlisted candidates and their accompanying documents in one place, available online.

Rich candidates profiles…

  • Resume

  • Reference checks

  • Proof of qualifications

  • Recruiter’s interview comments

Interactive recruiting

Not only you get the full overview of the recruitment process, you‘re also encouraged to actively participate in the selection workflow. Now that’s trust and transparency!

Sophisticated functionality…

  • Full visibility over the screening process, including recruiter’s comments on each candidate.

  • Real-time recruiter updates and visibility of key milestones of the project.

  • Automatic notifications and project updates direct to your Inbox.

  • For the hourly billed “Pay as you go” projects, you’ll not only see how many hours the project is up to but how they’ve been spent so you’re always in control of your budget.

Recruitment services tailored to your needs.

We offer it all. Starting from the hourly billing model that is ideal for ad-hoc projects and periodic support, all the way to full recruitment support backed by a guarantee for a complete peace of mind.

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Down Under Enterprises

“We love Just Right’s recruitment project management tool — transparent, easy to use and great for collaboration. This is particularly important for our team, who are rarely in the same place at the same time!”

Phillip Prather
Phillip Prather
Head of Marketing and Operations
Down Under Enterprises

“The shared online workspace you get with Just Right People is truly unique. You can see what your recruiter is doing and when they are doing it, you can view candidate applications and documents as they are loaded into the project, you can communicate with your recruiter in real time. You can easily add people to the hiring team, you can see where the project costs are up to and make appropriate decisions at any time, based on real time information.”

George Ribar
George Ribar
Chief Customer Officer and Head of People & Culture