JobFit & Skills Assessment.

Test for the things that really matter.

How would you like the comfort of knowing someone has the technical skills they need to do the job? Or the integrity, work ethic, problem-solving skills and teamwork that fits your culture? Our unique license with a reputable provider will give you that comfort. And for the right price.

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Ensuring right hires

Connect the right people with the right jobs.

There are loads of psychometric tests that check for skills and personality but this is the only one available to recruiters that tests for the things that really matter — whether that person will “fit” the job and the company better than anyone else. Integrity, honesty, work ethic, problem solving and teamwork are what you really need to know about.

Recruitment can be a frustrating process. First you need to be clear about what you are looking for. Then you have to work out how to find it. Then you spend hours screening and interviewing people. Imagine a quick online job fit assessment that would let you sort the “probables” from the “possibles” before you spend all that time in interviews that often go nowhere.

JobFit & Skills Assessment is the only job matching assessment built specifically for the recruitment industry. It enables you to accurately assess behavioural traits and reasoning skills to connect the right people with the right jobs.

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JobFit & Skills Assessment has been rated as 95% reliable with a validity of 0.82, the highest score for tests of this kind.

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