Traditional recruitment support.

Flat fee or percentage, you choose.

Perhaps you need us to manage the whole project for you but would like some flexibility around price while not losing the comfort of a placement guarantee? Talk to us about our fixed fee option. Or go with our premium model and get free skills testing included. The choice is yours.

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Guranteed outcome

Two excellent full recruitment support models.

Two pricing models, both offering a guarantee. Yet again, it's your choice. You will always get the same quality and transparency of the process.

Flat Fixed Fee
Pay no more than the negotiated flat fee

We take up the challenge to accommodate your budget with this pricing option. See, recruitment your way. You get the same quality, transparent process, the same online shared workspace and the same promise from us — the right person in the right job at the right time for the right price.

We work with you to agree on what is a fair price and honour it, regardless of how much time is spent sourcing the right person and the salary you negotiate with them. You can save around a third of your recruitment fees. And you don’t pay until the placement is made. And we’ll throw in a 45-day replacement guarantee in the unlikely event the placement doesn’t work out. It doesn’t get much fairer than that!

Main features…

  • Accommodates your budget

  • Don’t pay until the placement is made

  • 45-day replacement guarantee

Percentage of Salary
The traditional way

This is what you’ve been used to. The recruiter charges you a percentage of the successful candidate’s salary as the placement fee and you get a 100% free replacement guarantee of 90 days.

But we’ll give you more. To make sure you really are getting the right person, we’ll give you more value for money and throw in JobFit & Skills Assessment for all your short-listed candidates as part of our due diligence and evaluation. Absolutely free.

Best if you need…

  • 100% free 90 days replacement guarantee

  • Recruiter takes all the risks

  • Free JobFit & Skills Assessment included

Read about JobFit & Skills Assessment.

Integrity, honesty, work ethic, problem solving and teamwork. Will that person “fit” the job and the company better than anyone else? Test for the things that really matter.

Learn about JobFit & Skills Assessment