Simple, fair pricing.

One size never fits all! We give you the flexibility to choose between three different pricing models. And we guarantee each one will deliver a high-quality recruitment outcome tailored to your job, your budget and your specific needs. Now, that’s fair!

Billed Hourly

When you don‘t need the whole package and wish to save.

Most economical — save up to 75%

A-la-carte style — pick and choose what you need

Scale up and down as you go

Recruit Now, Pay Later option

Fixed Fee

When you don’t need the extras but still want peace of mind.

No hire, no pay

Know exactly what it will cost

Reference checks

Add in other extras if you want them

45-day free placement guarantee

Recruit Now, Pay Later option

Percentage of salary

Traditional recruitment model for a complete peace of mind.

No hire, no pay

Confidently budget your hiring cost

Job advertising

Reference checks

Skills testing

JobFit Assessment

Facilitation of offer and acceptance

90-day free placement guarantee

Recruit Now, Pay Later option

How it works

Do you prefer your recruitment A-la-carte or Banquet style?

Some prefer our hourly-rate “pick and choose” option that works just like a restaurant menu. Others opt for banquet-style, “all included” approach, where we do it all.

High-quality outcome

Regardless of what you choose, each of our pricing models will deliver a recruitment outcome tailored to your job, your budget and your specific needs. That’s our promise to you.

Hourly-rate option

Supple, “pick and choose” hourly-rate option means you get the help you need, when you need it, with any part of the hiring price — choose what you want, just like a menu.

All-included option

Comes with a placement guarantee and free extras. You’ll know exactly what it will cost, regardless of how long the process takes or how many candidates are assessed.


Frequently asked questions.

Covering the most common questions you might have about our pricing models.

How does the billed-by-the hour model work?

You can get help with any part of the process — managing ad response for you, doing the initial screening calls for you, reference checking — whatever you need. Using our unique online collaborative tool, your consultant will log the hours and activity at the agreed hourly rate and you‘ll only pay for the help that you needed. Or we can do it all. At a price that comes in at around 75% less than traditional recruitment models. You decide.

Can I move between the different pricing models?

Yes. Like everything we do, the choice is yours. You may like to start a project on the hourly-billed, “Pay as you go” model, but then upgrade it to a fee model that comes with a guarantee. And if you do, we’ll deduct what you’ve already paid! If you start on a full fee model and want to move down to the hourly-billed service, we’ll simply apply the hours already spent. The only condition is that the choice needs to be made before we’ve presented the final shortlist of candidates to you.

Do you offer placement guarantees?

Yes, we do. Both our Fixed Fee and traditional Percentage of Salary models come with a free placement guarantee — 45 days or 90 days. The choice is yours.

How does a placement guarantee work?

Providing you’ve paid your invoice within the agreed terms, the guarantee period commences on the day the new hire starts and ends 45 or 90 days later, depending on which pricing model you’ve chosen. If the new hire leaves the job for any reason other than a restructure on your end, we’ll replace them for free. That’s how confident we are of getting it right.

Do we have to pay for advertising?

No, not always. Advertising costs are covered by us in our premium percentage of salary billing model. But wherever the cost is being passed on to you, you’ll be consulted first and we only ever charge advertising at cost. No hidden fees.

How much do skills and JobFit testing cost?

This depends on the type of role and how many tests you’d like us to run and how many candidates will be involved. Like everything we do, the choice is yours and the decision is made in a collaborative way. But we can guarantee that our unique licensing agreement enables us to provide the tests at around 40% less than RRP. Both skills and JobFit testing are provided free in our premium model.

Brief for success.

Getting the project brief right is the best way to guarantee the outcome you want. Our knowledge, expertise and collaboration will make sure this happens.

Learn about our Project Briefing
Down Under Enterprises

“Integrity, flexibility and fairness would be the best way to describe Just Right’s approach to pricing. When they could have exploited us, they didn’t. And that means a lot.”

Dee-Ann Prather
Dee-Ann Prather
President and CEO
Down Under Enterprises

“We first encountered Just Right People’s flexible pricing when Bernadette and her team traded under the RecruitLoop brand a few years ago. We were blown away then and still are. We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on our recruitment and the service level and quality of candidates from Customer Service staff and PA’s to CFO’s and EGM’s, has been terrific.”

George Ribar
George Ribar
Chief Customer Officer and Head of People & Culture