Our people are your advantage

Our highly skilled Consultants bring the human connection back to recruitment, working in partnership with you to make sure you get exactly what you need when you need it and all at the right price.

Future-proofing your business

Proven expertise and track record.

Our recruitment specialists are highly trained, industry experienced and genuinely committed to your success. We don’t hire them if they’re not! We‘re about building your team for the future, not just putting a body in a chair for the now.

Solid experience

Headed up by an industry veteran and thought leader.

Strong work ethic

Client success is king. No 9 to 5 hours for us.


Online collaboration means real-time communication.

Rigorous processes

Near enough is not good enough.


Frequently asked questions.

Covering the most common questions you might have about our Recruitment Consultants.

How do I know the recruiter is working on my project and hasn’t pushed me to the bottom of the pile?

Our unique online collaboration tool means you can log into your dashboard at any time to see what’s happening with your project — advertising response, candidates being screened and interviewed, reference checks being done and so on. And every time we share a candidate or update our activity, you’ll get an alert to tell you. That’s what we call transparency!

Are your recruiters paid on commission?

No, we think that is death to integrity in recruitment! Our recruiters are all paid above-market rate salaries in return for getting it right for our clients. The rewards kick in when they have repeat business from a client. So, getting it right for you, every time, is the driver for everything we do.

How will my recruiter source candidates for us?

Our recruiters are skilled at knowing where to go for particular candidates. Typically, we will use a combination of our own database, advertising and online search tools to make sure the right candidate doesn’t fall through the cracks. After all, our job is to get it right for you!

How many years experience do your recruiters have?

Our CEO has thirty years in the business and is well known in the industry. Typically, our recruiters need to have more than 5 years of active recruitment experience under their belt before they can work with us.

Process is the king… and the queen.

A skilled, dedicated team is just the first step to recruitment success. Efficient and transparent processes then enable the magic to happen.

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Down Under Enterprises

“Our consultant, Robyn, leaves no stone unturned in her efforts to source the very best people for us. Her attention to detail is second to none and her honest communication throughout the process is very much appreciated. An outstanding level of professionalism.”

Dee-Ann Prather
Dee-Ann Prather
President and CEO
Down Under Enterprises
All Branded Group

“As an SME, we just cannot afford the usual percentage of salary recruitment fees. To have a professional team providing thorough and quality recruitment services at almost half the cost has been a game-changer for our business.”

Mark Sacharowitz
Mark Sacharowitz
Managing Director
All Branded Group