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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Recruiter

Despite not being very popular many years ago, recruiters are now highly trained professionals. Just like other advisers in our lives, they can make or break your business. Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider using one.

Bernadette Eichner
Bernadette Eichner
Solving puzzle of the right candidate

Over the years, recruitment consultants have had a pretty bad rap. At one stage many years ago we were on par with used car salesmen and politicians in the trustworthy stakes!

And look, in some cases, the reputation may have been well deserved. But just like doctors, lawyers, accountants, and hairdressers, one bad apple doesn’t represent the whole bag.

And yes, hairdressers are deliberately included in the list – while the difference between a good and bad haircut is just a few weeks, the stress and compromised quality of life with a bad one is known to many of us. Perhaps I should also include baristas… but I digress.

Just like doctors, lawyers, accountants, and hairdressers, a good recruiter can make a massive difference in your stress levels and quality of life.

Here’s how a recruiter can change your work life

1. You can save 20 hours per week (or more) and get on with your real job.

If you’re like most Hiring Managers, you have your actual job to do while you’re trying to hire new staff. Quality recruitment takes time and energy, particularly when your hire is an urgent one in a competitive candidate market. A professionally executed recruitment outcome usually takes anywhere between 30-120 hours, dependent on the complexity and seniority of the role. And the time you spend in the first two weeks of the campaign is the most critical – talent sourcing, managing applications, candidate engagement, screening interviews. Imagine not having to find an extra 20 hours a week to manage your recruitment but know at the same time that it’s being done!

2. You get a quicker result

Professional recruiters use multiple talent sourcing channels to find you what you need and they know how to do this quickly. Job boards, search tools, their own databases, their extensive personal networks – you name it, they use it.

But the big bonus? What is likely to take you days to do, they can do in a matter of hours. This means you get suitable candidates in half the time!

3. You don’t have to deal with unsuitable candidates

With any recruitment campaign, there’s going to be unsuccessful candidates. A professional recruiter understands that candidates are people too and deserve respect. One of the biggest reputational damagers is how you treat the candidates you don’t need. A recruiter will do all this for you – with a level of care and respect that every human being deserves. And this elevates YOU in their minds.

4. You can be sure the interview process has been professionally executed

A professional recruiter is a trained interrogator. Like an investigative journalist, they know how to find out exactly what you need to know to evaluate a candidate’s suitability. Using proven behavioural interview techniques, we can uncover both the ‘can do’ skills and experience piece, along with the ‘will do’ personality, work ethic and cultural fit that is so important.

5. It doesn’t cost you any more to get a replacement if your hire doesn’t work out

Professional recruiters are so confident of their skill that they offer a free placement guarantee if you opt for the traditional percentage of salary billing model and pay your bill within the recruiter’s payment terms.

That is, if your new hire resigns within the first 90 days because it’s not what they thought it would be, then we will do the whole project again – completely free!

And now there’s another reason… deferred bill payments!

Many professional recruiters, like us here at Just Right People, are now offering clients a Recruit Now, Pay Later option. This means literally that – you get the staff you need on board now and break the bill down into smaller, more manageable payments over a period of months! AfterPay for the recruitment industry.

But not everyone is offering it, so choose your recruiter wisely if you’re keen to use this service.

Your next hiring project could be your easiest

Imagine being able to give someone you trust a hiring brief and then go back to your real job.

Imagine only having to make time to interview a few candidates who have already been deemed suitable.

Imagine being able to get your new team member on board in a few weeks, rather than months.

Imagine the comfort level of knowing that if the person decides they don’t want to play for whatever reason, you don’t have to do it all again yourself.

With just one phone call or email to a professional recruiter, your next hiring project could be the easiest one you’ve done!

Bernadette Eichner
Bernadette Eichner

Bernadette Eichner, Cofounder and CEO of Just Right People, is a recruitment industry entrepreneur and thought leader in Australia, totally committed to improving the recruiter experience for clients and candidates alike. Her secret to life is to “just do the next thing that needs to be done”.

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